"I was fortunate to participate in the Girl Empowerment LA program at my school. I was really impressed with the artistic strategies that Amy uses throughout the program. The girls looked forward to every class. They were engaged, worked collaboratively, dealt with tough issues, supported each other and grew throughout the process. This is a fantastic program for young women, particularly before entering high school.  I believe they completed the class better equipped to face challenges and more confident in their own voices."

Laura Rogers

Special Education Teacher, Beverly Vista School

"In our social media-obsessed society, Girl Empowerment LA provides a creative approach to assisting girls to become grounded. Phillips is passionate about supporting each girl in a quest to own their individuality."

Christian Fuhrer

Principal, Beverly Vista School, Beverly Hills USD

"We were happy to provide this program to our middle school girls. Phillips was passionate about making a difference in their lives."

Maggie Owen, Co-President, Friends of LACES


"Amy was very committed to the mission of Girl Empowerment LA.  She interacted with the girls with positive reinforcement, acceptance and accountability. The program definitely promotes embracement of individuality through arts and media in a supportive environment."

Blanca Orellana, Middle School Director, Bresee Youth Center

Los Angeles

"To participate in the Girl Empowerment LA at my school was not only an opportunity but a privilege."

student participant

Beverly Hills Unified School District

"This class taught me that we don't have to be someone we don't want to be."

student participant

Beverly Hills Unified School District

"Thank you for encouraging us and believing in us. You were awesome."

student participant


"After taking Girl Empowerment LA, I feel like I can be anything!"

student participant

Beverly Hills Unified School District participant

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